Sunday, October 3, 2010

Satan, Party of 30

This morning, as I was getting ready for church, I remembered when one of those huge stadium churches started up in Denver and the effect it had on both the clientele and the staff. The church was pretty close to the pancake house I was working in at the time, so we started getting a lot of waitresses who worshiped there. It was one of those Charismatic churches with radio and TV ministries, and the new girls were full of "Praise Jesus!" for everything, from their sales incentive points for selling desserts and side orders, to any tips they received. They were a close-knit group, and mostly they were nice, if a little self-righteous. The tough part was when the church members would come in for supper after evening service. There would be about 30 of them - sometimes more - and I don't remember them calling ahead. Usually we only had one person to wait on them with separate checks and the tips were horrible. Some of the customers left tracts in place of tips that said things like, "I gave to the Lord today in your name" or "Thank-you for your service - I'll share your tip with the Lord." It was really frustrating.

I've been glad to notice that, when I've gone out to brunch with members of my own church, they are very healthy tippers. A dream to wait on. I just don't think I could be a member of any organization that treated waiters like the folks did from that place back in Denver. (I was gonna say the name of it, but there's no point in hurting anyone's feelings.)

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  1. I HATE the church crowd. Church goers in my little po-dunk town think that if 10% is good enough for the Lord, it's good enough for us. May I remind the church community that God doesn't have to make rent and car payments, nor does he have to buy groceries and dog food.

    I did, however, have one nice couple who ate in on a Sunday morning recently. We were EXTREMELY shorthanded and I was running about 16 tables. When tables around them were being rude and snippy, this couple was very sweet, and noted how busy I looked. I told them we were unexpectedly understaffed that day, but that we were managing okay. (If by okay you meant not well at all.)

    They didn't ever need anything except one refill for their entire meal, and they left me a 30% tip. Along with it they left a little coin with a cut-out cross. It was engraved with John 3:16. I kept it and carry it in my pocket at work to remind me that not every church goers sucks.

    I work Sundays because I go to school during the week, not because I want to. If I want enough money for food and gas, I have to work four shifts back-to-back over the weekend. I would much rather be like them, going to church and then out to eat before going home. It's nice to know that some people actually understand that I'm not a godless heathen...I'm just trying to survive through college.